6 Common Reasons for Seeking Help from a Therapist or Counselor

How many have heard “you must be crazy to be going to therapy?” The social stigma surrounding therapy is that “you must be crazy” to pay someone to talk to about the daily challenges one is currently experiencing. Despite this image of the kind of person who seeks out therapy, those who are receiving counseling are learning the benefits of working with an empathetic and competent mental health professional to guide them along this stressful season of life.

Here is a list of the six most common reasons individuals begin the search for help from a therapist or Counselor:

Major life events can be a recent split from a partner, experiencing financial issues, managing constant medical appointment due to a medical condition and the emotions surrounding the diagnosis. Receiving counseling services from a skillful and open-minded clinician can just be the opportunity some individuals need in order to find clarity on the issues causing daily distress.

Lack of self-esteem can be a result of a poor self-image, a lack of confidence or support in decision making causing an individual to exhibit damaging behaviors. For example, not speaking up for oneself when feeling pressured, participating in risky behavior due to need of feeling “wanted” and/or developing an unhealthy relationship with food in order to achieve a certain weight. True confidence can be attained from doing self-work and learning to accept and love the uniqueness of self in a healthy way.

Anxiety related disorders can be constantly feeling anxious or worried when thinking about social engagements, for example, a class presentation or a dance. This can also be experiencing a fear of car or plane crashes, with yourself or a loved one. Another can be managing emotions and behaviors around a past traumatic event that resulted in posttraumatic stress disorder. When individuals are experiencing similar issues, the impact of these areas can show a reduction when receiving services from a trained professional.

Grief and Loss can be the loss of a child, a partner or spouse, a family member or a close friend who over time has become family can result in severe distress and, if not addressed, can lead to several additional issues. Locating a support group in the area, or even online can be just as valuable as when working with a therapist who can offer an empathetic and listening space to discuss ways of coping and healing over time.

Depression can be the feeling of “nothing has any meaning” making it difficult to get out of bed, taking a shower, eating regularly, or the loss of interest in activities that previously brought joy are signs to seek help immediately. Being clinically assessed, the degree of depression being experienced will be determined. A mild or moderate degree of depression can be treated naturally by incorporating vitamins such as Vitamin D and Vitamin B Complex, incorporating an exercise routine, and being surrounded by nurturing and supportive individuals. For the more severe degrees of depression, the recommendation is medication and talk therapy.

Anger Management treatment can stem from the overwhelming stressors that have to be assessed, addressed and managed daily, whether it is work or family responsibilities and the feeling of not being appreciated and a lack of support for efforts. Now a days, we are constantly bombarded with information on smart phones and watches, tablets, lap and desk-tops and television. A combination of both, many people are finding it difficult to cope with everyday life and becoming so angry with the slightest inconvenience, or not adapting to changes very well. Finding healthier and more appropriate ways to manage and express strong emotions is beneficial for the individual as well as the family and friends.

Acknowledging that life has become too difficult to manage is one step most find challenging. Taking the next step to find a therapist can create an additional stressor as there are so many clinicians with varying expertise to choose from. Receiving therapy can give the impression that it will be time consuming and costly, as it is a commitment at a price. The following step is making the call to the chosen therapist to discuss what is going on and to schedule an upcoming appointment. After the initial call, what most clients are finding out is that cost of therapy is affordable and that in terms of scheduling, most therapist offer evening and weekend appointment to accommodate those who can not take off work weekly or biweekly.

Whatever the current experience is, know that you are not alone. Sometimes we think, if we can be patient things will get better. Sometimes they do and sometimes they do not. When things are not improving don’t continue to wait for things to get better. Please complete the Request an Appointment  form to schedule for a free initial 15-30 minute phone consultation to discuss service options.

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