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About Us

The Journey of life has the power to tear an individual down, yet in the very same instance, creates all the essential tools needed to rise and stand again. Furthermore, within the creations of life, each one of us was born with the ability to rise after a fall, and from those experience(s) reinforces the body, the mind and the spirit that anything and everything is possible. It ignites the belief in change and hope for something better, anchored with determination and resilience that will undoubtedly lead to the future you desire.

Rebuild. Restore. Empower. 

Open Arms Wellsness
Positive Energy Meets

Together we will create and discover new solutions. I can help you take the steps to move forward. Call me today and Let's begin!

Counselling Services
We Counsel the Positivity

We offer mental health and counseling services to families, individuals, couples, adolescents and children.

Open Arms Wellness 

Location: 9850 Von Allmen Suite 201 

Louisville, KY 40241

Email: openarmswellnessinterns@outlook.com