Where are you located?
I am located at 12730 Towneparke Way #201, Louisville, KY. 40243. Please come into the office and ask for Briania.  

What kind of therapy do you practice?
I utilize a variety of therapeutic practices; the approach utilized in session is highly dependent upon the individual and their current concern. Below I have listed and provided a small description of the few approaches employed during a session.

Person centered - Places great emphasis on the individual's ability to move in positive directions.

Narrative - People define themselves through stories, client is the expert, and begin to move from problem talk to solution talk.

Solution Focused - Identify problems and work collaboratively to find solutions based on individual capabilities.

Experiential– enhancing awareness and understanding of communication patterns, building self-esteem, and expanding self-discovery and self-responsibility.

Emotionally Focused Therapy – can help address attachment related issues with their romantic partners in a more affectionate and positive way in order to promote more emotionally connectiveness which can promote a more intimate relationship.

Child-Centered Play Therapy – works within the strengths of the child/youth through play and communication techniques to promote a sense of pride, independence and self-reliance while self-healing.

Mental Research Institute (MRI) – focuses on the identification of the problem and attempted solutions by discussing how it negatively impacts day to day life.

Do you accept insurance?
I am not on any insurance panels. However, you can check with your insurance company about “out of network” provider reimbursement.

How much do you charge?
Per session $60 - $150 depending on form of therapy (individual, couple, family, etc.).

Initial Session $90.00 (90 minutes)
Individual; Child $60.00 (1hr).
Individual $75.00 (1hr)
Couple/Marital $100.00 (90 minutes)
Family $150.00 (3 people, 90 minutes)

Extended time services are available at an additional cost. Sliding scale is available as a form of financial assistance.

Accepted Forms of Payment
I accept debit or credit cards, as well as health saving accounts cards. Online payment is available.

What happens during our first session?

We will use the first session as chance to become acquainted with each one another so that we can both determine if we are able to work collaboratively. At the end of our first session, I would like for clients to leave with a better understanding of what working with me will look like.

Are we able to meet outside the office?
We can meet outside the office in a public space within the community where we are comfortable. An additional form will be required that states limits of confidentially and privacy as it relates to the therapeutic relationship.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me @ 502.822.5325 or email Openarmswellness@outlook.com

Open Arms Wellness 

Location: 12730 Townepark Way 201, Louisville, KY 40243

Contact: 502-822-5325


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